Dear followers, please note that I have remade my blog a couple of months ago.

The url is the same (morbusdementia) and the content is pretty much what I’ve always blogged. The art blog has merged into it too, though. Feel free to unfollow this blog and go follow the new one if you’re interested in seeing new stuff from me. 

I just thought I should remind you about this since a couple of people have been nearly  ~Shocked~ about not having been following me anymore. So that’s the reason. I didn’t just change my url (it hasn’t changed), I made a new account and all that. 

So yeah, see you all. 

- Gaze

  • Looks like the old blog (=this one), don’t get confused.
  • Is my new personal, art, sketch, art resource and art inspiration blog. May contain occasional fandom things, too, though, as long as they’re pretty. And my ideas and reference material and things like that, u no.
  • Will replace this personal blog, the old art blog and the erotic blog but not OON.
  • OON’s nature will change: from now on it shall be the home of ALL of my projects, not only the writing-related ones. It has already changed, actually, as DF (a comic project) is currently dominating it.
  • I haven’t decided what will happen to the England blog so I’ll leave it be by now. It will most likely stay as it is.
  • You may freely unfollow this blog, no hard feelings, I will unfollow everyone I’m following on this account anyway. I’ll re-follow some of you, don’t worry. It may take a while, though.

Thanks for your cooperation, these have been lovely months. Looking forward to meet you on the new account!

//Edit: I’m not going to delete this blog. I’ll just leave it be.

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mmmm nakedness— I MEAN YES good plan

I approve.

myblackwaters replied to your post: What if I combined my art and personal blogs and…

Art+personal sounds good, because after all art is a part of your personality.

That’s exactly what I was thinking too. I’ll also make that blog appropriate enough to be published to everyone (there will always be naked and injured bodies but at least I can pretend to be nice). When I have time and energy, now I don’t. Or maybe I do, we’ll see about that. 

66 reasons why I love Freddie Mercury
49. His eyeliner

Seriously such a turn on.


Seriously such a turn on.

What if I combined my art and personal blogs and made one blog full of art resources and inspiration and artworks made by me and other people and sometimes write some personal entries there as well? Or should I keep my personal blog as it is (=about as organised as ksdjflksdjglhh) and just create another blog dedicated to art in general? Decisions, decisions… I’m just intrigued by the idea of having only two blogs, the art/personal and the idea/inspiration blog (which OON is). Well okay, I’d like to have some RP blogs too but I’m too occupied to think about them just yet.